Habitat Willow Storage Chest-188

Habitat Willow Storage Chest

rustic willow storage chest. It's so hardworking. The sturdy, handwoven willow goes perfectly with all types of decor. And they can be used countless ways around the house. Delve into them for wellies by the backdoor or load them with laundry in the bathroom. Such a stylish choice. Here's another idea. Load them with toys or fancy dress clothes and they'll magically entertain the kids for hours. When playtime is over, just pile everything back in for instant tidiness. Buckle up the leather handle when not in use. So neat.

Large capacity.


Product Details

Product Size:

Made from wicker.

Size H50, W70, D45cm.

Small box size H52, W72, D47cm.

Weight 3.2kg.

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