Slim Webbing Laundry Bin with Lid-231

Slim Webbing Laundry Bin with Lid

These great new Slim Laundry Bins with Lid. Made from 100% polypropylene woven webbing over a metal frame, they're as durable and practical as they are stylish - easily cleaned with a damp cloth and should last a lifetime. 

They are all slim and narrow enough to fit in various places around the home and come in 3 practical sizes to cover any need. The small size is the perfect space saving laundry basket for an en suite, a student or child's room or simply a small bathroom. The medium and large laundry baskets obviously have a greater capacity and could be more suitable for a family. 

They are so nice to look at that they can be used as large decorative storage boxes in your bedroom or living room.


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